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Lady Marmalade’s four tips for being single for the holidays

By Lady Marmalade, Dec 4 2017 — It’s the festive season in Calgary again, which means Zoolights, sleigh rides at Heritage Park and cozy nights. However, being single during this time can be tough, so here’s four tips to survive the holidays on your own. Reconnect with old pals: If you’re newly single, the impending…

How to tastefully send nudes

By Lady Marmalade, February 13 2018 — Sexting is often a big part of millennials’ sex lives. Talking with partners on various platforms can open a world of sexy encounters from the palm of your hand. Taking tasteful nudes is an art form that leads to some fun late-night chats — if you know how…

Four ways to combat relationship anxiety

By Lady Marmalade, January 18, 2018 — Dating can be overwhelming. The pressure to constantly meet new people is exhausting and stressful at the best of times. And if you struggle with anxiety, the world of relationships and dating can be unbearable, especially in university. Feeling nervous before a date is normal, but experiencing extreme…

Things to know if you’re thinking of getting your green card

By Lady Marmalade, November 8 2017 — Marijuana legalization is just around the corner. But if you can hardly wait to get your grubby hands on some devil’s lettuce, you may have considered getting your medical marijuana card. Here are a few things you should know before you are handed the golden key to weed paradise….

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