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New Music: Nap Eyes

By Matty Hume, March 5 2018 — The magic of I’m Bad Now, the third album from Halifax’s soft post-punks Nap Eyes, is that it plucks the glory days of escapist protest-folk straight out of the ‘70s and right into your modern world. Before you even hit play, simply looking at the illuminated medieval manuscript-style…

Very real astrological predictions

By Matty Hume, February 28 2018 — Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Ahh, the fish month. You’ll be the first person on earth to actually buy a Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s. Aries (March 21 – April 19) Ram rhymes with ham. Ham comes from pigs. I think you’re gonna get a pet pig this month….

Student raises awareness about severity of nut allergies

By Matty Hume, February 6 2018 — University of Calgary student Jeff Kommen has recently come forward with his daily battles with a life-threatening nut allergy. The severe allergy, which results in symptoms ranging from hives to anaphylactic shock, is unconventional, Kommen explained. “There’s a lot of misconceptions about nut allergies. Firstly, peanuts aren’t even…

Big Winter Classic: Party in a winter wonderland

By Matty Hume, February 1 2018 — Despite Big Winter Classic’s primary emphasis on a myriad of live music, the festival also serves as a great opportunity for local breweries to promote their craft — pun very intended. For the festival’s last three years, the beer has served as a foil to the chilly temperature, allowing…

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