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Frosh 2017: Welcome from EIC

By Jason Herring —

Hello! Welcome to the University of Calgary. The first week of school can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of people giving you a lot of unsolicited advice, coupled with the stress of being in an unfamiliar … Read the rest

Frosh 2017: A brief introduction

Welcome to university! You’ve probably already received sage old advice from your parents, guidance counsellors and maybe even your next-door neighbour on what to expect at university. But rest assured, the magazine you’re holding is much more than generic advice … Read the rest

Frosh 2017: Welcome from the SU President

My name is Branden Cave and for the next year I will be your Students’ Union (SU) President.

It’s an exciting time for both you and the entire campus community and we’re excited to welcome you to our family of … Read the rest

Frosh 2017: How to textbook

By Curtis Wolff —

Buying textbooks is the most crooked market this side of the subprime mortgage crisis. Since the consumer — that’s you — doesn’t get to choose the product, textbook publishers can set disproportionately high prices. These are … Read the rest

Frosh 2017: University Big Shots

By Jesse Stilwell —

One of the only interesting things that has taken place at the University of Calgary in the last few years is the drama surrounding its administration. From the legal dispute surrounding the ownership of MacHall to … Read the rest

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