Frosh 2017: A brief introduction

Welcome to university! You’ve probably already received sage old advice from your parents, guidance counsellors and maybe even your next-door neighbour on what to expect at university. But rest assured, the magazine you’re holding is much more than generic advice — it’s a piece of campus culture. It contains tips and tricks, along with campus antics from fellow students who were in your exact shoes no more than a few years ago.

Your time at university will likely be some of the most unforgettable, challenging and rewarding years of your life. It’s when you are exposed to new people and ideas and discover genuine passions that inspire future endeavors. It’s when you start to figure out this whole “adulting” thing and realize that no one really knows what they’re doing.
You will learn a lot more than just that in University. One of the biggest things you will learn is there is so much more to learn about this weird world and where you are in it. Make sure to take full advantage of what the university has to offer. Study abroad in Scotland, join the origami club, talk to those people in your 8 a.m. lecture. We promise that you won’t regret doing these things, only that you’ll regret not doing them when you had the chance to be more carefree. This is the time to explore and discover! Trust yourself.

At times it can definitely be overwhelming, especially when you have four midterms in two days and a research essay due later that week. Try to take time to care for your mental and physical well-being. Go for a run, meet up with some friends for a coffee, pick up a new hobby — anything that can take your mind off of school to recharge your batteries.

Feel free to stop by at the Gauntlet anytime. Whether you want to learn some new writing skills or make some new friends on campus, our doors are always open!

Christie Melhorn & Mariah Wilson
Frosh 2017 Editors

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