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Frosh 2017: Backpack packing list

By Christie Melhorn —

Hauling around a loaded backpack on campus is fun for the first week of classes, but gets old really fast. Hate your bag a little less by stocking it with the following items.

Lip Balm: Most university students’ first year involves a lot of coffee and sloppy kissing. Stress habits like lip-biting and pen-chewing also tend to surface. Prevent raw lips from with simple chapstick. Use an unscented, non-coloured variety like Burts Bees or Blistex. Apply it as a base coat for lipstick to keep a slick and fresh look.

Lotion: There will be a day in the library when your hands and face feel like they’re going to fall off from dehydration. To remedy this, carry a travel-size bottle of lotion. Taking the time to apply it helps wake up your body and recollect your focus. I recommend Aveeno Active Naturals. It’s fragrance free, so it won’t irritate your skin.

Loose change: Keep five dollars in change handy with a dollar of that in quarters. If you don’t have a locker and want to use the gym, or just stow your stuff for the day, you’ll need change for the lockers by the Red and Gold Gyms.

Extra socks and undies: Student life involves a ton of running between school and work, late studying that spills into the next morning and impromptu sleepovers wherever is convenient. Keep a set of socks and underwear to change into you so you don’t feel too grimy.

Dental kit: There will be mornings when you wake up 10 minutes before a test and your room will look like a post-apocalyptic war zone. Keeping a mini-toothbrush, paste and floss on hand gives you less to worry about. Brushing your teeth can be comforting during all-nighters in TFDL and the floss will save you when remnants of lunch linger between your teeth.

Chargers: Save yourself the stress of watching your phone or laptop battery dwindle to 10 per cent throughout the day by carrying your electronics chargers. You can rent a PowerBank from Stör, but having your own will save you the time and trouble.

Snacks: Hauling a homemade lunch around campus every day is time-consuming and cumbersome, but worth the effort. Whether you’re planning on bringing or buying food, keep a snack bar on hand for when hunger strikes.

Utensils: Reusable utensils not only reduce waste but help create a more pleasant eating experience. Plastic utensils provided by campus food services do the job but are flimsy and annoying to use. A good spork is sturdier, so it won’t take three minutes to scoop your food only to have it splat onto your plate before reaching your mouth.

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