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Frosh 2017: Vices

By Sara Albright

Like most students, I like to pretend that I wake up at the crack of dawn to meditate and drink green tea. In reality, I’m more likely to stumble into my first lecture chugging an espresso. Hey, none of us are perfect. If you’re looking to indulge, we’ve got your back. As always, be safe and keep your head on straight. Learn to walk the line between having a good time and being stupid.



Listen up gang. There are drugs on campus and the police have better things to do than worry about college kids sparking a joint. If you moderate your use, you’ll have a fun time smoking weed in college.
This isn’t an endorsement, but there are definitely things you can do to minimize the risks and have more fun. Avoid bringing drugs on campus. They’re better in non-stressful situations around people you trust.
If you didn’t experiment with drugs in high school and you’re trying something for the first time, remember that you don’t know what your reaction will be. Don’t try to keep up with experienced users. Use in a safe place where you can crash on a buddy’s couch if need be.
Never take a drug dealer on their word. Chemical drugs like MDMA are notoriously impure. Fentanyll is on the rise in Calgary, so make sure you check with your friends first to find a dealer you can trust.
Don’t take unnecessary risks and be smart when indulging.


There are only two places to grab a beer on campus, and The Last Defense Lounge, whose clientele is mostly graduate students and professors, is definitely the better of the two. They have standard pub food and a pool table that’s free to use. The bar is often quiet enough to hold a conversation and the beer selection isn’t bad.
The other option is the Den. It’s mostly students who have come straight from class to have a beer, so the atmosphere is relaxed. Upstairs, the Black Lounge serves the same food, but is a little quieter.
On Thursday drinks at the Den are cheap and the line is long. Thursden is a campus tradition so you’ll probably end up there at some point in your university career. Happy drinking!

Wasting Time
Having somewhere to crash on campus is vital. The University of Calgary is a commuter school and spending long days with nowhere to unwind but the library is draining.
There are couches in MacHall, but it’s difficult to relax with all the noise. Department clubs usually have rooms of their own with couches and microwaves, so check to see if your department has a space you can use.
The Arts Lounge is conveniently located on the first floor of Social Sciences. The Science Students’ Centre recently opened up in Science Theatres. EEEL or Scurfield Hall have less traffic and offer a good place to relax. The Gauntlet also has some couches if you don’t mind copy editing or listening to the diatribes of our staff.

Having sex on campus is a poor choice all around. The best idea is to wait until you can get somewhere private with a door that locks.
There’s no reason to get a motel room unless you’re a criminal or you’ve hired a prostitute. But if you absolutely must have sex on campus, there are private washrooms with doors that lock.
After hours, offices with limited access are almost acceptable. And no matter what you believe in the moment, it’s certainly not worth having sex in a quiet hallway or empty classroom.
Remember the basics. Campus security will not be impressed if they catch you in the act. Verbal consent is mandatory. Free condoms can be found at the SU desk or at the Q Centre, so use them, ya turkey!

The coffee on campus isn’t too exciting, but it’s caffeinated and in abundant supply. Fuel for Gold, found in the MacHall food court, has short lines and is probably the only coffee on campus that holds its own when brewed black. Everything else needs cream and sugar to make it palatable. It’s terrible, but you know you’re going to drink it anyways.
The coffee shop in Social Sciences is empty when classes are in session, but completely mobbed in between. Time your visit well.
Tim Hortons is exactly what you’d expect it to be — cheap, dependable and ultimately mediocre.
But there are four locations on campus, so it’s at least easy to find if you’re in dire need of a quick cup.

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