Frosh 2017: Welcome from the SU President

My name is Branden Cave and for the next year I will be your Students’ Union (SU) President.


It’s an exciting time for both you and the entire campus community and we’re excited to welcome you to our family of over 24,000 undergraduate students. I know that number can be scary, but don’t worry! There’s a place for everyone on campus and having that many students around you means that you have 24,000 potential new friends, you can make a new family and you can be who you want to be! Your first step is to take the opportunities that we have here for you — join a club, volunteer, find something you are passionate about and go after it.

I promise you one thing: the next four, five or even six years (take your time finishing your degree, make sure to smell the roses) that you spend studying here are going to be incredible! You’re going to make some amazing friends and memories and learn more about yourself than about your major. If you ever need a hand, that’s where myself and the SU comes in. We’re here to help you pursue your dreams and learn what you love to do!

If you ever have any questions or want help making your goals a reality, come visit us. We are here to help!

Branden Cave, SU President

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