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Letter to the editor: Elizabeth Cannon supports student life on campus

RE: Student petitions target university administration

As members of the University of Calgary, we would like to express our support of president Cannon and appreciation for her commitment to supporting students.

We can speak to her work in supporting diversity, inclusion and wellness on campus and specifically in student services.  Her dedication to fostering an inclusive campus community can be seen in the renovation of space in the Dining Centre to open the Vitruvian Space in January, which will support student spiritual wellness and religious observance. The development and support of a student accommodation policy and the support of the Faith & Spirituality Centre’s programming and services, demonstrate her dedication to supporting the whole student.

Her commitment to supporting student wellness includes countless personal and significant moments of recognizing individual student accomplishments during events such as convocation and student gatherings.  During the last three years her clear commitment to supporting both the campus and external community has been clearly evidenced. She led the U of C in welcoming and housing our external community during the devastating floods of 2013, including the support of affected staff and students. In 2014, she provided a compassionate, long term and public response following the murders of 5 young people in the neighboring community of Brentwood. She has worked with our partners in the external community in securing funding for UCalgaryStrong- the collaboration of leadership and wellness in supporting our student body. Most recently, she has expressed her commitment to be accountable for the implementation of the Mental Health Strategy.

Her leadership and dedication to supporting the work of student wellness, access and support has clearly enhanced the services and networks supporting the student community.

Debbie Bruckner, Senior Director Student Wellness and Adriana Tulissi, Community Engagement Manager

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