2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Grievances Policy

All complaints should first be directed to Julieanne Acosta, the editor-in-chief. They can be reached at eic@thegauntlet.ca

If the complaint is not resolved with the editor-in-chief, you can contact members of the Gauntlet’s board of directors.

Mariah Wilson, Board Chair — boardchair@thegauntlet.ca

Volunteer Representative— volunteer@thegauntlet.ca

University of Calgary undergraduate students should contact one of the three student representatives.

Marcus Smith — boardmember1@thegauntlet.ca

Alicia Revington — boardmember2@thegauntlet.ca

Nandini Agarwal — boardmember3@thegauntlet.ca

All other complaints should be sent to the Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance or the Gauntlet’s business manager.

Mickail Hendi — suvpfin@ucalgary.ca

Gurman Sahota — business@thegauntlet.ca

As directors of the Gauntlet Publications Society, board members can then address these complaints at one of the society’s monthly board meetings.

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