The Gauntlet Board of Directors is hiring for two student-at-large positions.

Please submit your cover letter and resume via email to Board Chair: boardchair@thegauntlet.ca. Deadline for applications is Monday, November 25.

A student-at-large is a voting member on the Gauntlet’s board of directors and is responsible for holding the Society legally and financially accountable. They must be a U of C student and at least 18 years old.
  • Be available for monthly board meetings as well as the annual AGM in April;
  • Ensure that the Society complies with all requirements of the Act;
  • Carry out and fulfill the objects of the Society;
  • Ensure that the provisions of the Bylaws are observed and performed;
  • Make, adopt and enforce policies, rules and regulations consistent with the Objects and Bylaws of the Society;
  • Ensure that all requisite financial statements and or audits of the Society are performed and prepared; and
  • Approve a fiscally responsible operating budget for the current or forthcoming fiscal year of the Society by June 30 as prepared by the Business Manager.


  • Is the board responsible for editorial content?
    • No, the board does not deal with editorial content. It exists to make sure that the Society as a whole is being kept fiscally and ethically accountable.
  • How many hours does the position entail?
    • Roughly 1-2 hours a month. We meet once every month for a board meeting and call special meetings when a grievance is filed.
  • Is it okay if I miss a board meeting?
    • Yes, you can miss a board meeting due to an extraneous circumstance. 
  • Is this a paid position or volunteer?
    • Like most boards, this is a volunteer position and you can’t write or create content for the Gauntlet while holding a student-at-large position.
The Gauntlet Publications Society is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone is thanked for applying; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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