Opinions & Features Workshop (Oct 26th)


The Gauntlet is hiring three student-at-large positions for the upcoming semester.

Gauntlet Board — Student-at-Large

The Board meets once a month to ensure that members of the Gauntlet are running a smooth operation and are being fiscally responsible. In no way does the board deal with editorial content, it’s simply making sure that the institution as a whole is being kept accountable. The board is also responsible for handling grievance issues and running the AGM in April. Candidates do not need any previous board or club experience, although it is encouraged.


  • Must be an undergraduate student
  • Must be available to meet once per month for meetings
  • Must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement

Any interested candidates will need to present a 2-minute pitch at our AGM on December 6th on why they’d make a good student-at-large representative. Please email Mariah Wilson at boardchair@thegauntlet.ca to RSVP to the AGM.

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