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New music: Casper Skulls

By Matty Hume, December 5 2017 —

Torontonian quartet Casper Skulls caught nation-wide attention with their 2016 Lips & Skull EP. Only one year later, the group has delivered a synthesis of postpunk and dream-pop that’s nothing short of a … Read the rest


New music: Julien Baker

By Jason Herring, December 4 2017 —

The 2015 debut album from Tennessee’s Julien Baker was almost uncomfortably candid. The 22-year-old songwriter confided about being Christian, gay and suffering through depression and addiction through sparse arrangements that felt more like … Read the rest


New music: Destroyer

By Jason Herring, October 31 2017 —

Dan Bejar’s music has never sounded at ease. Whether through instrumentation or subject matter, every one of his songs carries an anxious undercurrent. Even during his best work from the 2011 smooth jazz/indie … Read the rest


New Music: Open Mike Eagle

By Thomas Johnson, October 10 2017 —

Los Angeles artist Open Mike Eagle once coined the genre ‘art rap,’ a loose term used to classify the avant-garde, often challenging brand of hip-hop stemming from fringe beat scenes. The music generally … Read the rest


New Music: Valiska

By Miriam Johnston, October 9 2017 — 

Calgary-based Polish musician Valiska has called his new album, On Pause, his most personal work. Valiska describes the eight-track ambient album as “charting a journey of loss and upheaval.”

This album appears to … Read the rest


New Music: Metz

By Matty Hume, October 9 2017 — 

Very few Canadian artists are able to claim a spot on the Polaris Music Prize shortlist with their debut album. In 2012, Toronto-based post-hardcore trio Metz became one of those few. While their … Read the rest

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