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Has Canada become the new Amsterdam?

By Aaren Abigail, November 7 2019— In spite of what many think, and what some politicians would have you believe, the legalization of cannabis in itself was not to discourage drug use by making it more accessible to Canadians. Neither was it to reduce the amount of organized crime in Canada. It was a promise…

Eight things you need to know about legal weed

By Matty Hume, October 17 2018 — It’s official. As of today, the use of recreational cannabis is now legal in every province and territory in Canada. But each municipality is taking on the big change in their own way. Here are eight things you need to know about using recreational cannabis in Calgary. 1….

What should students expect from marijuana legalization?

June 6, 2017 — The Alberta New Democratic Party launched an online survey last week asking for the province’s opinion on how marijuana legalization should look. It’s a long but extensive survey, focusing on topics like legal age and public consumption. The federal government plans to legalize recreational marijuana by July 1, 2018. However, provinces…

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