2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Story Pitches  

Do you have a story tip for the Gauntlet team? Please follow the instructions below to have your story considered.

  1. Review all our sections and send your story pitch to the respective editor. Messaging the editor directly ensures that your story will be considered. The Editor-in-Chief email receives many emails daily and sometimes they get missed so we highly recommend reaching out to the relevant editor. 
  2. In your pitch, include details that the editor should know in order to consider your story. Please stay to the point and conclude with your contact information. 

Note, we receive many requests for stories and cannot accommodate all requests. It is up to the editor and greater editorial board to decide whether or not your story is considered for publication. 

If you would like to write the story you are pitching, please sign up for a volunteer orientation to join the Gauntlet. We do not accept freelance content.

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