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New Music: James Blake

By Thomas Johnson, February 1 2019 —

Until James Blake’s self-titled debut album, it would have been easy to assume his definitive work would remain the triumvirate of EPs that ushered him into the 2010s. The 11 songs divided between … Read the rest

New Music: Deerhunter

By Troy Hasselman, January 21 2019 —

Deerhunter’s music is typically characterized by its erratic nature. Throughout their career, the Atlanta-based outfit has combined elements of post-punk, noise, shoegaze, ambient and psychedelia to create a sound that has consistently evolved while … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2018: Under the Silver Lake

By Thomas Johnson, October 7 2018 —

Under the Silver Lake, a Calgary Film entry by director David Robert Mitchell (It Follows), takes place in a version of Los Angeles that seems surreal through outsider eyes. Sam, an easily distracted, … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2018: Shoplifters

By Jocelyn Illing, October 6 2018 —

Walking into the ice-box theatre, I wondered to myself if the film I was about to watch was going to be worth the bitter cold. A few friends had seen it the previous … Read the rest


Calgary Film 2018: Pity

By Thomas Johnson, October 3 2018 —

The premise of Babis Makridis’s Pity, at its shallowest depth, is one of an otherwise successful man, known as The Lawyer, coping with a wife-shaped hole in his life that’s newly depressed every … Read the rest


New Music: Armand Hammer

By Thomas Johnson, September 7 2018 —

Rome, last year’s collaboration between Brooklyn-based underground stalwarts billy woods and Elucid, was the densest hip-hop record in recent memory. Under the Armand Hammer moniker, the duo has been responsible for some of … Read the rest

New Music: Deafheaven

By Thomas Johnson, July 17 2018 —

Deafheaven’s discography — as a radical outlier in a staunchly traditional metal scene and the larger conversation of independent rock — has taken an unpredictable trajectory, but a sensible one if considered chronologically. … Read the rest

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