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Fun and refreshing fitness studios to try in 2018

By Christie Melhorn, December 8 2017 —

From upbeat barre classes to vibrant spin studios, Calgary’s fitness scene is lush and diverse. The opening of Undrcard and Rumble in 2017 popularized boxing while Lagree YYC sensationalized resistance training. In 2018, the city’s fitness and wellness community will continue to thrive and expand. These new studios will hold you accountable to your New Year’s resolutions or inspire you to develop some.

Kult Fitness:

The newly opened Kult Fitness on 14th Ave. and First St. SE shares the lively aesthetic of Calgary’s other nightclub-inspired facilities. However, it’s Canada’s only studio featuring the VersaClimber, a vertical climbing machine resembling a medieval torture device that’ll kick your butt as much as one — in a good way.

The VersaClimber involves a 75-degree angled rail fitted with pedals and handles. It mimics the natural motion of rock climbing and engages all muscle groups. Strength and conditioning specialist Jason Walsh claims it’s a low-impact workout that can burn between 600–800 calories in 30 minutes, depending on how hard you push.

Many gyms carry only one or two VersaClimbers, if any, which often sit neglected in the corner. However, Kult hosts group VersaClimber classes for all fitness levels, making it much more fun to use. They also offer high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions in their studio called “The Kitchen.” These classes involve box jumps, battle ropes, free weights and sprints that cook up a serious sweat. Drop-in rates are $20 per class but early bird pricing of 50 per cent off all classes and packages is currently in effect.

Yoga Nova Studio:

Opening mid-December, Yoga Nova is a new Calgary power yoga studio dedicated to strengthening community bonds and mind-body connections. Class intensity levels vary and are accompanied by consensual physical adjustments. The touch component ensures correct posture while nurturing a sense of trust and support. Some of Yoga Nova’s classes will also utilize low to medium levels of heat for an extra sweaty workout.

An cozy in-studio café serving local Fratello Coffee will offer space to embrace your post-class calm. Guests are also encouraged to attend 10-minute guided meditations called “The Quiet” that come free with a Yoga Nova membership or café purchase. For those looking for something different, “The Conversation” is class that takes yoga off the mat. Currently, Yoga Nova is offering a $49 one-month unlimited pass.

Crush Camp:

Opening on Dec. 9, Crush Camp promises dynamic and rewarding workouts. “The Class” is their signature 55-minute HIIT session involving whole-body strength exercises, resistance training and cardio.

Crush Camp will be the first Canadian fitness studio to offer group training on the Skillmill — a self-powered treadmill. The Skillmill’s curved base and handlebars provide a comfortable  platform to run on but challenges you to pick up the pace. Unlike conventional treadmills, the Skillmill’s speed and flow adjusts to your movement. This helps develop a wider range of muscles, embodying Camp Crush’s goal of giving guests a fresh workout with every visit. The studio charges $25 for drop-ins and is offering a $50 one-month introductory pass.

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