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Ring in the New Year with these super sexy tips

By Lady Marmalade, December 29 2018 —

Ringing in 2019 brings a fresh batch of New Year’s resolutions. Along with it, the end of the holiday season wraps up the stress of exams and prepping for those awkward family dinners. Thank the Lord.

Though the holidays can be a sexy time, you don’t need to turn down the heat just because they’re over. Here are a few things you can start doing to feel your best and amplify your inner sexiness for the New Year.


Wash your face every night:

Be honest with yourself, do you really wash your face every night? Sometimes, only one look at your bed after a long day is all it takes to give in to your wildest fantasies and crawl in — oil, makeup and dirty face right to the pillow. But crusty eyes and a morning breakout are never worth the extra 30 seconds it takes to scrub something soapy over your face. Throw some lotion on that mug as well. It’ll all pay off when you wake up in the morning with a clean and shiny face.

Dance more:

When you’re busy doing chores around the house, chopping veggies or even just taking a shower, instead of letting those stressful thoughts slowly take over your mind, put some funky tunes on and just move around. Don’t worry about people seeing you — they’ll just wish they could join in. If you want, pull the blinds, pump the tunes and wiggle those hips. You may feel silly at first, but I bet that if you start doing this more often, you’ll feel more comfortable just moving around and being the spicy little dance mom you always knew you could be.

Go to a sex shop:

If you’ve never been to a sex shop before, walking into one of these places just makes you feel sexy as hell. You know why you’re in there and so does everyone else, so raise your head high and treat yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get yourself a cool new gadget, but maybe drop, like, 40 bucks for something that makes you feel like a sexy minx, whether it be an outfit, a vibrator, a penis ring or some lube or sparkly whip, and you’ll be set.

Masturbate more:

After returning home from the sex store and stocking up on all that sex stuff, make some more time to get frisky. Keep your devices charged ­— you never know when the mood might strike and nothing is worse than reaching for your trusted vibrator only to find out it has bit the bullet (bullet, get it?). If you’re home alone for an hour or bored before bed, just spank it and call it a day! It’ll help relieve stress. There’s nothing wrong with getting to know your body and what feels good so that you can connect more with your sexuality and ask for what you want with a partner.

Take off the dating pressure:

In my experience, I feel my sexiest when I am not putting pressure on myself to get out there. Dating feels less like a chore and people tend to gravitate towards you more when you’re just out and about, doing your own thing. Or maybe take a break from dating and take time to focus on self-improvement. Nothing is sexier than self-care, so put yourself first in 2019 and the rest will fall into place. Remember, you’re a sexy beast, so be good to yourself this New Year.

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