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What’s for dinner? Game predictions

By Rodrigo Verney, September 27 2023—

Few activities in the sports world hold the electrifying potential of uniting a crowd quite like predictions. Betting on the future is a realm in which no amount of data or mathematical analysis will be able to account for all the heart and soul that surrounds the game. There is something very fascinating about watching in disbelief as a single person prophetically gazes into the future or relishing as the sports analyst falls flat in his face on a surefire deal. 

With this in mind, we here at the Gauntlet decided to kick off our very own predictions section. Because at the end of the day, the real thrill of predictions comes from one of the most primordial human needs: being right and letting everyone know about it. 


Blowout after blowout doesn’t lie. Maybe this young squad needs a bit more time before getting back to the limelight. Their next four games are alternating between at home and away, but so far the future isn’t too bright. The Dinos will be going up against two teams that have already beaten them this season. I’m sorry to say folks but pulling a win off will be hard. Maybe against Manitoba?

Final Prediction: 1–3


The Men’s Dinos once-in-a-generation team comes to reclaim their place as the best in the West and look to prove themselves as the best in Canada after being stripped of the chance. With three games in the bag already and winning by a great margin, we can look forward to the future. However, before the season does start there isn’t much weight to these victories. Their next five games will be mostly back-to-back and will be against teams that they know how to control. That is if they can keep last year’s discipline.

Final Prediction: 4–1


The men’s team will have more leeway to their start simply because they are yet to begin the preseason. You can afford to lose those. I will say that if their last season of barely hitting .500 is anything to go by, then expectations should be capped. But please prove us wrong.

Final Prediction: 5–3


For the men, time’s closing in on their playoff spot. Sure there’s still time but with an 0–3 current season record, you might wanna pick up the pace. They will have nine games ahead of them with a good chance of turning the tides around. But with so many great, established competitors, they will have to work for it. 

For the women, the story couldn’t have been more different. They are on an amazing roll with a .78 win margin. However, this will be the most challenging prediction since it literally goes on until their last game of the season. Based on how they’re doing right now, I wouldn’t put it past them to continue blowing every competitor who dares step foot in the field. 

Final prediction: M 6–3, W 6–2 and playoff secured.

For results and a conclusion, you will have to wait until the next edition. So there is no way to debate these decisions quite just yet. But don’t worry, there is plenty of time to sharpen the pitchforks and get the rally ready. In the meantime, only time will be able to decide whether or not I will eat a raw plate of cold hard truths or my own words. Good luck Dinos. We’re all counting on you.

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