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What’s for dinner? Predictions revisited

By Rodrigo Verney, October 24 2023—

From the beginning of September to the start of October, the Gauntlet came up with some predictions for the main sports happening throughout the month. Now that that stretch is over, it is time to revisit them and see if we are looking at an appetizing plate of cold truths or if we will have to swallow our own words.


The football team got their power stolen this season. It appears that my prediction had too much leeway to it. I hoped that the Manitoba Bisons could be a good balanced fight, but with a stretch of 21–34 for the Bisons, this wasn’t quite the matchup I was expecting. The young squad is going through a rough patch of self-discovery and the fans should expect an under .500 season. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to be subjected to one of the worst losing streaks the Dinos had in years. Watch out for a hooded figure in the stands because the only explanation for this sea of bad luck is if The Monstars are in town.

Prediction: 1–3 

Final stretch: 0–4  

Turnout: 75 per cent correct


On the other hand, I would like to formally apologize to this team, the coaching staff and the organization as a whole. I included one loss in my prediction just to be safe and they made history, right in my face. The quick and aggressive offensive style of Mark Howell is paying off incredibly well. The Dinos fans community is proud to be witnessing a team that will be remembered far into the future as the once-in-a-generational talent it is proving itself to be. We are just glad that we get to see how high you guys are flying.

Prediction: 4–1   

Final stretch: 5–0  

Turnout: 80 per cent correct


The men’s volleyball team had a decent preseason run. That isn’t anything special to go by, it neither advances nor postpones the doom clock, but it does give us hope for what is to come. A serious analysis could only come from the games that were played against future conference matchups like the University of Alberta Golden Bears or Thompson Rivers University Wolfpack. In that case, there are still things that could be better fine-tuned but overall that was a solid preseason.

Prediction: 5–3   

Final stretch: 3–5  

Turnout: 75 per cent correct


The men’s soccer team had a tall stretch dominated by mostly solid performances. It is a pity that the competition was ready for them. The team had an unusual run filled with ties. They are in a good spot now and looks like they will clinch a spot for the postseason but with a below .500 record it is hard to tell whether they will make it and whether or not they will be a significant presence there. It will all depend on how they close this season now.

The contrast is very clear for the women’s team. They were on a streak and the commitment paid off. Two games away from a playoff spot and they are soaring. They have a winning record against important teams in the conference. This squad is getting their hopes up and they have the track record to do so.

Prediction: M 6–3, W 6–2  

Final stretch: M 1–2–5, W 4–3–2  Turnout: 60 per cent correct

What’s for dinner? A warm piece of good estimates served in a decent, but humble white plate. An average of 72 per cent for basically what amounts to a month of predictions isn’t ideal but it is a good reflection of the Dinos season. I would like to thank them for such an interesting season so far. I hope they continue to prove me wrong for the better in the future. For now, we enjoy a good meal of cold truths.

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