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Top 10 masturbation myths: Demystifying solo pleasure

By Josie Simon, February 12 2024—

Masturbation: the open secret everyone knows but rarely talks about. Despite being as routine as your morning coffee, countless myths about solo time persist.  

Let us dive in, debunk these myths, and finally set the record straight. Welcome to your go-to guide for busting the top myths about masturbation. 

1. The eyesight saga  

It is a tale as old as time, suggesting that masturbation could lead to blindness. Science, however, hands us a clear vision on this matter — there is zero evidence to support such a claim. Your eyes are completely safe from your intimate adventures. So, feel free to indulge without fear of losing sight of… well, anything.

2. The genital panic

Another common myth is that self-love could somehow damage your genitals. Rest assured, your bits and pieces are resilient. Masturbation, when done safely and comfortably, poses no threat to your nether regions. It is all about understanding your body and respecting its limits. 

3. The gender myth 

Who said only men enjoy a bit of solo play? This myth could not be more wrong. Masturbation is a universal pleasure enjoyed by all genders and is a form of self-love that should be recognized and accepted without shame or stigma. 

4. Hairy palms

If masturbation truly caused hairy palms, we would easily spot those who partake in the act. Spoiler alert: You can’t because it doesn’t. This bizarre myth is purely fictional, without even a hint of truth. The hairiness of your palms is determined by genetics, not masturbation. 

5. No health benefits

Contrary to the myth that masturbation has no health benefits, the opposite is true. Self-pleasure can help reduce stress, improve sleep and even alleviate menstrual cramps. Consider it a free pass to feeling good — both emotionally and physically. 

6. The balding fear 

Worried that personal pleasure could lead to hair loss? Fear not. Your hairline remains untouched by your solitary sexual activities. No scientific link exists between masturbation and hair loss. Balding is caused by factors like genetics, not your orgasm frequency. 

7. Limits sexual performance 

Contrary to the myth that masturbation dampens sexual performance with a partner, it actually serves as a self-awareness workshop, boosting your understanding of personal pleasures and responses. Far from reducing prowess, it is a rehearsal that enhances your role in partnered encounters. 

8. Fertility fears 

The notion that masturbation could affect your fertility is unfounded. Whether aiming to conceive or not, your sperm count and reproductive health are unaffected by the frequency of your solo sessions. 

9. The depression myth 

The belief that masturbation leads to depression is a misconception, often rooted in societal guilt rather than any direct psychological effects of the act itself. Masturbation is a healthy, normal activity with benefits, including stress relief and improved mood, not a cause of emotional distress. 

10. The acne accusation 

Finally, the myth that masturbating can cause acne is as baseless as they come. Acne is caused by hormones, diet, or genetics, not your sexual activities. So, you can comfortably enjoy your alone time without worrying about surprise breakouts. 

When put under the microscope, these myths crumble away under the weight of scientific evidence and common sense. Masturbation is a natural, safe and healthy part of human sexuality — free from the dire consequences myths would have you believe. Let us bid farewell to baseless myths and welcome an era of informed, positive attitudes toward masturbation.

This article is a part of our Opinions section and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gauntlet editorial board.

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