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Parting shots from the EIC

I can’t stand stale traditions, clichés, unsolicited advice and cheap sentiment, but the Gauntlet demands this of me, so please be patient.

The editor-in-chief is supposed to share some hard-earned wisdom in the last editorial of the year. This is … Read the rest

The computers are taking over

By Ashton Chugh, April 9 2015 —

Technology has been integral to the capitalists’ costs-cutting directive and gained widespread notoriety during the industrial revolution. However, computerization is not just relevant to manufacturing — it has breached the world of sports … Read the rest


New Music: The Mountain Goats

By Melanie Woods, April 9 2015 —

Heroes are people we can look to when things are bad. A kid’s hero can be anyone from a parent to a rich man in a bat suit. For John Darnielle, singer-songwriter of … Read the rest

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