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The MASHING aims to keep beer-tasting from going flat

By Thomas Johnson, September 17 2018 —

“The term ‘mashing’ is a common process in cider-making, spirit-making and beer-making,” says Bill Robinson, president of The MASHING Calgary. “Those are the three types of alcohol we’re focusing on.”

The MASHING, the … Read the rest


Relieve stress with summer fireside nights

By Christie Melhorn, June 30 2017 — 

Sitting around a crackling fire on a late summer night feels inherently cathartic. Fire engages us on an intense sensory and emotional level. The way flames swirl is mesmerizing and gives off a … Read the rest


Grab a few pints with your future

By Melanie Woods, September 20 2016 —


(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

While you are enjoying a pint of the new Den Lager, your long-lost son Romero will appear behind you and gently tap you on the shoulder. “I’ve … Read the rest

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