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No magic number for optimal workout time

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, October 13 2015 –

A recent study published in the cardiovascular health journal Circulation suggests that 30 minutes of daily physical activity, the guideline suggested by the American Heart Association, is not enough for optimum heart health.… Read the rest


Top five fitness-focused apps

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, September 10 2015 —

Smartphones have taken the world by storm, and apps in particular have made fitness highly accessible. There’s an app to cover just about every aspect of fitness and health — hydration, nutrition, planning, … Read the rest


Personal trainers trump online fitness gurus

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, July 16 2015 —

Should you start your fitness journey with CrossFit? Going vegan? What about a paleo diet? With so many fitness buzzwords floating around online, it’s hard to cut through the noise and get to … Read the rest

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