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Academic papers are needlessly complex

By Scott Strasser. January 26, 2016 —

As a communications studies major, I’ve always found it frustrating how wordy and convoluted many of my course readings are. Week after week, I find myself slogging through 30-page essays with 60-word sentences … Read the rest


UPass program wastes student money

By Keean Bexte, January 21, 2016 —

Have you picked up your $130 transit sticker yet? If you are part of the 47 per cent of students who don’t use public transit as their preferred method of transportation, you might … Read the rest


Door holding regulations to be introduced

By Fabian Mayer, November 27 2014 — 

The University of Calgary is planning to introduce guidelines governing door etiquette after a student was involved in an accident she claims was caused by excessive door holding.

“I was on my way … Read the rest


New course pack literally costs firstborn child

By Melanie Bethune, September 18 2014 —

Students registered in Statistics 361 this semester received a shocking blow to their futures when they discovered exactly how much the required course materials cost.

The required course pack, comprised of a single … Read the rest

New class surveys the history of universities

By Chris Adams, June 12, 2014 — 

Students keen to learn about the history of higher education should look no further than the University of Calgary’s department of history.

Associate history professor Paul Stortz will introduce a new course titled … Read the rest

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