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Common assumptions about universities

By Rodrigo Verney, September 12 2022

Moving on to post-secondary education is a challenge. We hear about this place from the moment we get to high school. With so many people talking about their experiences, we’ve definitely heard some ideas that are far-fetched, to say the least. Every first-year student knows that the less we worry about it, the better. Taking this into consideration, I’ve debunked some myths that may be weighing down your shoulders. 

You have to start university when you’re young

This is the most common assumption about university, as the institution is generally associated with being the next step after high school. However, this couldn’t be furthest from the truth. We’ll be learners forever in life. There is no age limit to take a course, as long as you meet the requirements to take it, a university will remain an establishment open to everyone. Once you are here, you’ll clearly see that nobody will judge you based on your age. As long as you are an avid learner and want to have fun, you’ll always have a university invitation.

Your major has to be decided before you start

The second most untrue statement that we all have heard throughout our lives. This erroneous claim makes life so hard on those who don’t necessarily know what they want to do for a living. This is absolutely fine. There are so many fields and an ever changing market. Post-secondary education is all about experimenting. So don’t fear if you’re not quite sure of your major yet.

You won’t have time to make friends

One of the fun parts of the university experience is the friends that you are inevitably going to make. Of course, putting yourself out there takes a bit of initiative. Generally, a single group project might be enough to kickstart what will turn into a great friendship. Remember, everyone is nervous and everyone wants to make friends. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “What’s up?”

Great institutions are very renowned 

What makes a great institutions isn’t its history, its costs or its campus. It is a learning establishment. It will stand out due to its teachers and their methods, and connections to the market you are trying to insert yourself in. Don’t panic if you have to explain with a couple more sentences where your university is. It is all about the knowledge and what you’ll make of it.

You won’t feel homesick if you’re enjoying university

One of the biggest fears among students is to not be able to live the university experience due to feeling homesick. Many believe that this feeling shouldn’t be felt that much if you are enjoying the many things university has to offer. Unfortunately, we are all human. We all feel things differently. Feeling them does not mean you are not enjoying the university. Take the time to work through whatever it is that you are feeling and make sure to understand that it is absolutely normal.

Most importantly, university is supposed to feel like a weird and different experience. Embrace the highs and the lows as they are part of the process. Discover everything it has to offer, no matter how long you’ll be there. It will always feel like you could have enjoyed it more.

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