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Slender Man spooks students into running for charity

By Hayden McBennett, October 23 2014 —

Thrill seekers and meme lovers, get ready for spooks. This Friday, Oct. 24 from 7:00–9:00 p.m., students can take part in the first ever Slender Men Run to raise money for the Childrens’ Health Advocacy Club (CHAC). CHAC will donate all proceeds to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Slender Man is a thin, tall, faceless man in a suit who appears lurking in the background of public areas. It started as a joke, but Slender Man built a cult following online. The popular horror-themed meme has been adapted to a video game and works of fan fiction.

Twelve Slender Men will chase participants during the run. If they’re caught, they’re out of the race. CHAC hopes that 30–50 participants will attend.

Teams of three or four will race around campus looking for eight clues, as the 12 Slender Men try and stop them.

“The top three teams get prizes,” said CHAC president Sophie Hu.

Hu said her club aims to unite students with the Children’s Hospital through interesting events.

“We thought Slender Man is  popular figure, he’s a scary figure, which is perfect with Halloween coming up,” Hu said.

The event costs $5 per person. CHAC hopes to raise upwards of $300 from the run.

“The proceeds go to the Child Life Services Fund at the [Alberta Childrens’] Hospital. They pay for out-of-pocket services for the kids like extra medications and hotel accommodations,” Hu said.

CHAC will provide runners with food and beverages at the end of the run.

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