2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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SLC appoints faculty of nursing representative in the final meeting of the semester 

By Vama Saini, April 15 2024—

Last week’s Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) took place on Apr. 9. Resolutions were passed to enforce reporting accountability for SLC members and appoint a candidate as the Faculty of Nursing Representative.

VP of Operations and Finance Arlington Antonio Santiago presented Resolution 81.39, which focused on enacting the Reporting Accountability Procedure.

“This is specifically tailored to the reporting of monthly reports,” said Santiago. 

SLC members are required to submit monthly written reports from September to April and a spring/summer report covering the months of May through August. These reports should detail their activities, engagement with university and SU committees, status updates on annual goals, emerging issues and actions to improve student engagement. 

“[The purpose of this resolution] is to outline the SLC members’ official reporting duties as well as what the method is to cure and mitigate if [an elected official] is not complying with their reporting duties,” said Santiago. 

The procedure emphasizes remediation and support for non-compliant SLC members. A structured process will be followed to address non-compliance, allowing for informal resolution and providing opportunities for improvement before formal actions are taken.

“We are trying to bridge and understand what barriers are facing elected officials as to why they can’t hand in their reporting on time,” said Santiago. “Every single step is dedicated to give the opportunity for remediation and really have the opportunity for the elected officials to really turn things around.”

Resolution 81.40 recommended the appointment of a candidate for Faculty of Nursing Representative. The appointment aimed to fill a vacant elected official position until the 2024 Students’ Union (SU) By-Election.

“In the SU general election, there was no representative that put their name forward for the office of veterinary medicine or the faculty of nursing,” said Santiago. 

The appointment of Brayden Jones as Faculty of Nursing Representative was recommended to SLC for approval. 

“Over the summer, I feel having somebody here and representing students on campus may be beneficial for the 82nd SLC,” said Santiago. 

Brayden Jones was approved by the SLC to serve as the Faculty of Nursing Representative until the next election.

For agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings, visit the SU website.

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