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Haskayne class project brings an amazing race to campus

Scott Strasser, November 6 2014 —

Five Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) 381 students are bringing an Amazing Race-inspired event to the University of Calgary on Nov. 13 at 5:00 p.m.

The race includes 10–15 stations where teams will solve riddles and use clues to discover the next station’s location.

Amazing Race organizer Kelsey McCay said activities at each station mirror those done on the show.

“Some stations will have roadblocks where only one person is allowed to complete that challenge, just like in the show,” McCay said.

“They’ll be expected to perform some kind of activity, whether it’s taking funny photos at a specific [spot on campus] or solving a puzzle,” organizer Cameron Hanishewski said.

Checkpoints will be located at U of C landmarks like the prairie chicken. Hanishewski said they wanted to make the race unique to the U of C.

“The event is a way to see more of the U of C campus, see some of the great study spaces we have, see some of the atmosphere. There aren’t a lot of universities with a big metal prairie chicken that no one knows is a prairie chicken,” Hanishewski said.

Groups of two to four can register to take part in the event, which runs for one evening. Registration is $20 per team. The top five teams receive prizes.

“We’d rather do something fun and get people engaged and involved than just sell a product,” McCay said.

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