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Stolen underwear found in Yamnuska residence dorm rooms

By Chris Adams, March 12 2015 —

Residence Services issued a security alert to all students living in residence on March 6 after three female students found dozens of pairs of underwear in their Yamnuska Hall dorm rooms.

They reported the incident to Residence Services on Jan. 9, 2015, after they returned from winter break. Some of the underwear they found went missing from their rooms, but they also found dozens of pairs of bras and panties that didn’t belong to them.

One girl found 75 pairs of used panties in her room. Most weren’t hers.

In an interview with the Calgary Herald, one of the girls’ fathers said it looks like “someone is actively stalking them.”

Campus Security director Brian Sembo said they aren’t exactly sure what happened.

“There’s no visible sign of forced entry. The students weren’t sure if the doors were always locked. There was a number of factors there that we couldn’t just say that the doors were opened in a normal break in,” Sembo said. “But it was serious enough that Calgary Police Services (CPS) got involved.”

Residence Services issued another alert on March 9 informing residence students that others have reported stolen belongings.

Sembo said two other students reported missing items from their rooms, but that one of the students have already located what they thought went missing.

“We do have one that thinks they may have lost some belongings here over the last little while. But we’re treating it as if it is being investigated as a potential theft,” Sembo said.

Sembo said residence break-ins are “very rare.” Two were reported in 2014.

Residence Services added a bolt-lock to the girls’ door, but haven’t increased security in other residence rooms. Campus Security said they’ve increased patrols in the area and are considering adding a “door-sweep” — a device that locks at the bottom of a door — to increase security.

Campus Security urged any students who have information about the incident or have had items stolen from their rooms to report to CPS.

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