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Play offers feminist critique of capitalist culture


By Rachel Woodward, June 18 2015 —

Feminist theatre company Urban Curvz is now showing Jacob Richmond’s Legoland, a play about the failings of patriarchal capitalism.

Directed by Urban Curvz’ artistic producer Jacqueline Russell, the story revolves around Penny and Ezra Lamb, siblings from rural Saskatchewan who are sent to a Catholic boarding school after a drug bust at the hippie commune they grew up in. There, Penny is exposed to the reality of her patriarchal world.

Playing at the Motel Theatre in the Arts Commons, Russell says Legoland’s appeal is the play’s parody of society.

“When I first read Legoland, I was drawn to the humour of it and the satirical look it takes at patriarchy and capitalism and some of the structures in our society that can be oppressive,” Russell says. “[Penny] begins to encounter the patriarchy through the eyes of a teenaged girl.”

Urban Curvz will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. Originally founded with the intent of providing more opportunities for women in theatre, the company is dedicated to celebrating female protagonists.

Legoland, a play that criticizes capitalist culture, is showing at Urban Curvz until June 20. // Jaqueline Russell

Legoland, a play that criticizes capitalist culture, is showing at Urban Curvz until June 20. // Jaqueline Russell

“A lot of the conversation that takes place around Urban Curvz is what makes a good feminist play,” Russell says, “We are most interested in inciting a dialogue around feminism rather than trying to define it.”

With the recent popularity of shows like Orange is the New Black and movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, entertainment featuring multiple female protagonists is gaining popularity. Russell says there are huge audiences that demand this representation. By fulfilling this demand on stage, Urban Curvz provides more women with work in the theatre industry.

“Urban Curvz theatre was founded with the mandate to try and provide more opportunities for women in the arts and from there it has grown to have a wider mandate of feminist theatre and engaging everyone in a conversation about feminism, what feminism is, and why it can be funny,” Russell says.

Legoland plays at the Motel Theatre in Arts Commons until June 20. Tickets are $22.50 for students. For more information, visit urbancurvz.com

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