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Date to add or drop classes may move forward

By Scott Strasser, December 1 2015 —

The University of Calgary registrar’s office is considering moving the fee payment and add and drop deadlines up earlier in the semester.

Currently, the course drop deadline for fall and winter semesters is on a Friday near the end of each semester’s first month. The deadline to add courses is the subsequent Monday and the fee payment deadline is the ensuing Friday. The registrar is now considering moving those dates up by one week.

The new model would allow refunds for dropped courses to be processed earlier, and students who join a class late would have less work to catch up on.

When the topic was discussed at Students’ Legislative Council, some Students’ Union representatives were concerned that the proposed dates would give students less time to make decisions.

SU  vice-president academic Stephan Guscott said it’s important to find the right balance.

“If you’re trying to get into a course [late], there is a better opportunity if there is more time to find a spot in a class. But at the same time, there is more information to catch up,” Guscott said.

U of C registrar Angelique Saweczko stressed that the proposal is still under discussion, and hasn’t gone through consultation yet.

“We anticipate the consultation process will be completed in early January, at which time we will review the feedback and determine an appropriate course of action,” Saweczko said.

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