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Annual Frostbite competition chills out campus

By Jill Girgulis, February 2 2016 —

NEWS_Frostbite1_Courtesy_GeneBanesFrostbite, the University of Calgary’s winter-themed competition, wrapped up on Friday night after five days of contests from Jan. 25–29. Team ASHAttack, made up of students from the Arts and Science Honours Academy, were crowned as victors, winning a ski trip for 10. 

The annual competition takes place each January and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students that can assemble a team of 8–10 participants.

Aside from prizes for the top three teams, additional awards are given to teams with the best attendance, team spirit and social media presence. This year, the event registered a record-breaking 19 teams.

Frostbite includes a range of challenges, from a kickball tournament to performing a team skit. Teams can also generate points throughout the week by giving the judges homemade gifts and posing for photos with the Yeti, Frostbite’s mascot.

ASHAttack, who nearly won the event in 2015, were determined to emerge victorious this year.NEWS_Frostbite2_Courtesy_GeneBanes

“We had a Frostbite planning committee last semester to start planning this stuff,” said three-time Frostbite participant Branden Cave.

Team member Cole Sugden described the team’s strategy.

“[It was about] doing above average for all [the events] so that we didn’t lose footing,” he said.

A new event this year was the Heart Warmer challenge, which encouraged teams to photograph themselves performing random acts of kindness.

Students’ Union vice-president student life and Frostbite judge Kirsty McGowan said she was stunned by the teams’

“It was absolutely amazing how much effort the teams put into it,” McGowan said. “We had one team go and donate blood, and we had another team go and create care packages for the homeless and went downtown and gave them out.”

The event has a tendency to bring out the competitive spirit of its participants, and ASHAttack was no exception.

ASHA is very proud of our Frostbite team,” Cave said.

When asked about the highlight of the week, first-time participant Jacinta Specht chose assembling the team photo book.

“We went travelling around downtown and froze ourselves — but we did it together,” she said.



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