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Festivities planned as University of Calgary turns 50

By Lianelle Barraza, March 7 2016 —

The University of Calgary is celebrating its 50th birthday this year as the anniversary of its April 29, 1966 founding rapidly approaches. The institution is planning numerous events to celebrate the milestone.

University president Elizabeth Cannon said the anniversary is a chance for the school to celebrate its achievements and plan for the future.

“We have an exciting year ahead. Many faculties and groups on campus have been planning towards this year for some time,” Cannon said. “Mostly, we will be adding a 50th anniversary touch to events that we already participate in every year.”

Cannon said that the university has evolved over the past 50 years.

“When you think about where we started and how we’ve grown over that short time into the top-ranked young university in Canada and North America, that’s a major achievement,” Cannon said.

Festivities will kick off on April 29 and include involvement with the Calgary Stampede, DoorsOpenYYC, orientation week and convocation. The university’s first ever Alumni Weekend will also be held at the end of April.

“What’s really important to me is that we have worked hard to grow a strong university family,” Cannon said.

According to Cannon, many faculties and departments will mark this milestone in their own way. Fiftieth Anniversary International undergraduate scholarships will also be introduced.

The weekend will include the official launch of ‘Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High’, a $1.3-billion fundraising campaign.

Yafa Halabi, a second-year psychology major and transfer student from Concordia, said that her experience at the U of C has been positive.

“I really like it here because it’s strangely cozy and you feel included really fast,” Halabi said. “People are so welcoming here.”

Halabi said that the university has a lot to celebrate.

“I am proud to be a student of the U of C, and I am excited to see how the university will celebrate their anniversary,” Halabi said.

For more information about upcoming events, check www.ucalgarycelebrates.ca

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