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U of C Shakespeare and Company Literary Association promotes global literacy

By Tommy Osborne, September 20 2016 —

One fifth of adults globally would not be able to read this article.

The Shakespeare and Company Literary Association at the University of Calgary hopes to combat illiteracy around the world and give people the opportunity to learn to read.

Shakespeare and Co. Literary Association president Mariam Bello founded the Students’ Union-sanctioned club when she learned that almost one billion people worldwide are illiterate.

“I’d like to do some kind of effort in the community to stop or to change that, however I can,” she said.

The Shakespeare and Co. Literary Association is new to the U of C but hopes to create a community among students who want to help raise literacy rates. The club also strives to connect students who love reading and would like to discuss and share books among each other.

“This is one of those perfect clubs that is both a hobby and for helping,” said club member April Fullido Cadungog. “It’s also a club where I can enjoy books and share my love of books, so it’s a perfect mix of both.”

Bello said the club combats illiteracy by supporting international organization Room to Read, which aims to raise literacy rates around the world.

“We envision a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world,” the Room to Read mission statement reads.

Bello explained that as a new club with limited resources, aligning with a charity like Room to Read is a good way to achieve the club’s goals. 

“Since it’s our first year, we don’t really have the resources to do something on our own, so what we decided to do was instead support a charity we believe embodies the ideals and interests that we share,” she said.

While they may not be able to directly raise literacy rates internationally, the club will hold many events to promote their cause and support Room to Read including fundraisers like bake sales and textbook drives.

The Shakespeare and Co. Literary Association will also host events for students who want to share and discuss their love of reading. Initiatives like book exchanges, movie nights based on popular books and a book club have all been discussed among members as possible options.

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