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School of Creative and Performing Arts brings Forms of Sound to campus

By Rachel Woodward, January 31 2017 —

For students studying music theory and composition, it can often be difficult to see through the eyes of an experienced composer and build a unique method or creative process. But students studying at the University of Calgary might have an easier time thanks to the Forms of Sound festival.

The School of Creative and Performing Arts at the U of C will host the festival, a four-night collection of performances, workshops and music at the Rozsa Centre from Feb. 1–3 and Feb. 8.

Forms of Sound assistant coordinator Nia Devetzis says the festival is a unique opportunity for those on campus to see and hear the U of C’s musical works.

“This year, because it’s the 50th year of the U of C, it’s centred around U of C alumni. Almost all of the pieces that are being performed for the festival are by U of C alumni or current PhD candidates in music,” Devetzis says. “A lot of them are Canadian composers.”

Devetzis received her Bachelor’s degree in integrated studies at the U of C and is currently a Master’s student studying performance. She will perform on three of the four nights during the festival.

In addition to performances from various campus ensembles, professional groups like ensemble mosaic from Berlin and Calgary’s Juno-nominated Land’s End Ensemble will work with U of C musicians. The daytime workshops are free and open to anyone interested.

Devetzis says this is a rare opportunity for students. The festival is held only every two years so that ensembles can be booked far enough in advance.

“Sometimes it is difficult to experience new music live, especially in Calgary where the community is quite small,” she says. “I like the fact that there’s a lot of workshops because you get the opportunity to peer into the minds of all the creators and hear their process and the care that goes into things that they’ve created. This is important for students because a lot of us right now are still trying to figure out our process and artistic path and having other people let you into theirs helps you form your own ideas about how to compose or perform.”

The festival will run Feb. 1–3 as well as Feb. 8. at the Rozsa Centre Tickets are free with your student ID.

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