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U of C engineering student explores electronic production as NMC April artist-in-residence

By Rachel Woodward, April 04, 2017 —

University of Calgary engineering student Evangelos Lambrinoudis II finds time in his busy schedule to work on various projects around the city as Corinthian — a local DJ that works primarily with audio/visual production and techno music.

This month, Lambrinoudis is inhabiting Studio Bell as an Artist-in-Residence from April 3–13  while he works on a new project, hosts a workshop and puts on a show.

Lambrinoudis says that while Corinthian isn’t his only project, it is the one he is currently most focused on.

“I play in a few different projects. I have a DJ night at Broken City which I’ve had for the last six years called Natural Selection. It’s like an ‘80s and ‘90s hip-hop night [but] we do a lot of new stuff too,” he says. “Outside of that, I’m in a two-person ambient electronica project called Sanctums which is probably my most well-known project. Now I’m mostly doing a solo project called Corinthian which is techno stuff. I also run a label called Deep Sea Mining Syndicate.”

Lambrinoudis will spend his residency at Studio Bell as the program’s only Albertan artist. His workshop on April 8 from 1:00–2:00 p.m. will use the National Music Centre’s library to create new works. Lambrinoudis says that the residency process will hopefully end with some finished recordings. Apart from the workshop, Lambrinoudis will perform a show from 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. on April 13 at the King Edward Hotel — the venue attached to Studio Bell.

“What I had proposed was ‘give me some time and in a short amount of time I’m going to use your equipment and record an album’ and so that was kind of the focus of what I’m trying to do in the residency — just record as much as possible, make something cool and show it off in a few performances,” he says.

As a Calgary musician, Lambrinoudis says that his experiences in the city provided many opportunities, but working with the National Music Centre will be one of the most significant.

“That facility legitimizes experimental music and music that comes from the underground through this program,” he says. “To me, it means a huge opportunity to showcase something that I’m really interested in which is really obscure to most mainstream listeners and yet at the same time I feel it helps me to be an ambassador for all my friends that are making crazy stuff too.”

Lambrinoudis has worked in music for 12 years. He feels like more experimental music is coming to the surface and being normalized as a more contemporary genre — especially with the help of the National Music Centre.

“I hope that people take away an appreciation and an understanding for the facility that [the National Music Centre] is providing. I hope that when they leave that show, they realize that things might be different in the future — the traditional model of music is going to be different now that we have resources for those of us who do more underground things,” he says. “Traditionally, we’ve been pushed into basements and house shows and I think that this venue — this whole concept — is a starting point for us to do something that’s a little bit more visible.”

His workshop will take place on April 8 from 1:00–2:00 p.m. and he will perform a show at the King Edward Hotel the night of April 13. Corinthian’s residency at the National Music Centre will run until April 13 at Studio Bell.

For more information visit nmc.com

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