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What is cheating for your relationship?

By Lady Marmalade April 4 2017 —

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is trust. Partners set boundaries so their relationship can remain as open or as closed as they wish. But what happens when those boundaries are crossed?

Cheating is a general term that can describe being sexually unfaithful while in a relationship. But what if your partner dances with someone while out on a Friday night, takes somebody’s number or kisses someone on the neck? Do these actions constitute cheating?

Some couples set specific definitions of cheating usually involving one partner having sex with someone who isn’t involved in the relationship. Lines tend to get blurry in the area of kissing or other forms of non-penetrative sex. For some people, cheating could even involve speaking intimately with someone else.

With access to the Internet and communication with strangers online, the boundaries in a relationship can get even thinner. What if you or your partner chats with someone in an intimate way in a chat room or over social media? Is looking at pictures of someone naked cheating? And if so, what does that mean for watching porn?

Emotional cheating is another issue. For many people, the idea of their partner having mindless sex with a stranger is not as damaging as the idea of them snuggling up to someone and telling them intimate details about their feelings. Sex might not even have to be involved for it to be considered cheating.

There are so many ways to deceive your partner or go behind their back. The only way to avoid the grey area when it comes to being unfaithful in a relationship is to have a conversation about it. Every person has a different definition of what cheating is to them. The only way to be on the same page as your partner is to be open and tell them what you are and aren’t okay with.

If your partner tells you they think kissing strangers is cheating and you do it anyways, you are cheating on your partner. Respect each other and your relationship, because not only will feelings be hurt, but trust can be compromised. Open communication is the best way to ensure you and your partner are on the same page. Be good to each other and stay safe.

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