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Four reasons why missionary is the best sex position

By Lady Marmalade, Nov. 1 2017 —

As far as sex positions go, missionary is probably the most common and unfortunately, most underrated. While the kids nowadays are getting fancy with their 69s and cowgirls, the true beauty of this overlooked sex position is taken for granted. If you aren’t familiar with this position, it involves the penetrating partner lying directly on top of the penetrated partner while having sex. Here are four reasons why missionary is the best sex position and deserves more respect.

The Intimacy

Missionary is easily the most intimate sexual position because it involves you and your partner lying face-to-face. Up-close and personal. Nothing strengthens a connection like good eye contact. You’re in the best smooching zone and have easy access to your partner’s hair, neck and face, so make the most of it.

The Stimulation

This position allows for more stimulation for the penetrated partner because the angle of penetration comes in close contact with the clitoris. The G-spot — a sensitive area located on the upper wall of the vagina — is easily stimulated because the partner with the penis will be penetrating from a lower angle and can reach the upper wall of the vagina with less effort. It’s a win-win.

Low Effort

Speaking of less effort, this position also tends to be the most comfortable and least intimidating for many partners. If you’re the partner on top, you can hold yourself up while going at it and it’s easier to reach orgasm. In fact, this position allows for a ton of control over what angle you enter your partner at because you can use whatever surface you are on for leverage. For the partner lying on their back, missionary is a walk in the park. You will have your hands and legs free to amp up the situation, as well as the ability to arch your back and control where you are stimulated.

The Versatility

Not only is missionary the simplest position out there, but it acts as a gateway to some new possibilities. Adding a pillow underneath the bottom partner’s hips will completely change where stimulation takes place, because of the change in the angle of penetration. This position also provides ample opportunity to maneuver the bottom partner’s legs into a horizontal squat to add extra stimulation. Both partners still have their hands free in order to get the job done. The possibilities are endless. Go for it.


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