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Letter to the Editor: Complaints about non-law students in law library are elitist

January 9 2018 —

RE: U of C law students raise concerns over other faculties using library

I want to give another point of view from an ex-employee of the Law Library. For 15 years, I have heard these complaints go on incessantly, and frankly, they just reek of elitism. The fact that they complain about the mere existence of non-law students in their library is quite pathetic. My job was to ensure that the rules were applied fairly to everyone, and that includes the non-law students who they have such disdain for. There was never a time when the library was so full of students that no one could find a seat and there is a lot of study space throughout the campus if they cared to check. If they are so concerned about the lack of study space, there are plenty of issues to consider and other places to direct these concerns too, but it shouldn’t be a law library staff or the non-law students. While I am not surprised that law students raise these complaints,  the fact that you would give them space when there are much more pressing issues that need to be raised is not a good use of Gauntlet’s time and resources.

— David Grant, former U of C Law Library Employee

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