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Satisfying workouts for an alternative date

By Christie Melhorn, February 7 2018 — 

Regardless of how long you’ve dated someone, you can always add extra flavour to your time spent together. On Valentine’s Day, avoid restaurants and movie theatres overflowing with awkward teenagers and jaded couples. Instead, challenge yourself and boost the sexual tension by shifting your date to a fitness class. Take advantage of Calgary’s many sleek fitness studios for a great back-to-back workout in class and between the sheets — if you make it home.

Hot yoga:

The dim lighting, sweat rolling over minimally clothed skin and array of poses characteristic of hot yoga is overwhelmingly sensuous. The soothing atmosphere and deep exhales released around the room encourages you to be present and comfortable in your body, which can translate into some incredible and intimate sex. Developing your flexibility could also inspire some new moves to try or improve the ones you use regularly.

Most studios charge $20 for drop-ins. However, karma classes are donation-based sessions practiced at facilities across the city, such as Bohdi Tree and Calgary Hot Yoga. The minimum suggested donation amount is usually $5 but is not enforced at all studios. Call ahead or look at a studio’s online schedule to see when these sessions take place.


Striking a bag while rhythmically working your feet teaches you to channel aggression without being clumsy — sparing you some embarrassing bedroom blunders when things get heated, although those can make for great stories.

Undrcard, named Calgary’s best boxing facility in 2018 by Top Choice Awards, offers student drop-in rates of $19. Rumble Boxing studio’s rates are the same whereas Sweat Science charges $25 for single sessions. This includes glove rentals but you’re required to either bring or purchase hand-wraps to participate. Most studios sell them for around $15 — it’s not an outlandish fee, but you should bring your own if you can.


Learning choreography and coordinating with music roots you in the moment and demands vulnerability. Sharing the experience of it with someone else is an incredible bonding opportunity and builds trust — a valuable part of a healthy sexual relationship. The style you try can heavily determine the tone of your date. Afrocentric and Latin styles of dance beautifully embrace sexuality and the capabilities of the body. Classical styles like ballet might feel a bit rigid — but the restraint and control can make it fun.

Drop-in rates at most studios range from $15–25. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Free Spirit and Free House Dance Plus offer classes for all experience levels in diverse styles. Free Spirit also offers free classes on Saturdays for first-timers.

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