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SU election forums wrap up with acclaimed president Sagar Grewal

By Tina Shaygan, March 5 2018 —

Acclaimed Students’ Union president Sagar Grewal responded to questions from audience members and current SU president Branden Cave at a forum on March 5.

Grewal said now that the MacHall dispute is resolved, he plans on launching a consultation process for re-development of the building.

“The last consultation was done in 2012 but the campus has changed drastically,” Grewal said.

He added that he plans on bringing back SU-hosted town halls to engage with students and gather their feedback. He also said his other priorities involve the U of C’s search for its next president and updating the SU’s constitution for more inclusive language.

“I want to make sure students’ interests are strongly represented by the next U of C president and student experience is a priority [for them],” Grewal said.

Cave questioned Grewal on his vision for the President’s Consultative Task Force, which was launched last semester. Grewal said he wants to allow for a more free-flowing meeting format and reach out to students who may not be able to attend those meetings by sending feedback forms.


“With such a passionate group of students, it’s easy for the discussion to go anywhere,” Grewal said. “Having a set agenda but also an open session to discuss literally anything they care about is important.”

Other questions touched on which committee Grewal is most excited to chair, to which he responded Quality Money. Grewal was also questioned on General Faculties Council committees, SU advocacy policies and how he plans on being accessible to students. Grewal responded that he plans on utilizing a variety of methods to reach students.

“Something as simple as polling could work,” Grewal said. “Any engagement is better than no engagement.”

Cave asked Grewal for closing statements as he would “if he were running a campaign.”

“I have the experience being in the SU for the past two years and I’ve shown interest in the portfolio [of the president] since day one,” Grewal said. “The 75th Students’ Legislative Council was a turning point and I hope to continue that into the future.”

About 15 students attended the forum. Voting days for the 2018 SU general election are March 6–8. Students can vote through their my.ucalgary.ca page or at in-person voting booths. The Gauntlet’s SU election supplement for president can be found here.


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