2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Photo by Mariah Wilson

Sara Peppinck: Why me for VPSL?

This is an important year for student government. Tuition increases, budget cuts, performance-based funding models and mental health are all at the forefront of student minds. The Gauntlet has worked hard to expand our election coverage this year. That means we’re trying a few new things. So, we offered space in our opinions section for each executive candidate to give our readers their sales pitch.

The candidates were able to write about whatever they wanted in 500 words for vice-presidential candidates and 1,200 for presidential candidates. Why are they running? Who are they? Why should you vote for them? Their platforms are posted online. We strongly encourage you to read them and decide on the candidate that you believe best represents your needs as a student. 

Today, our candidates for vice-president student life are presenting their case to you. Pieces have been edited to conform to Canadian Press Style, but their words are presented as-is.

Why do I make an ideal fit in the role of VP Student Life?  I genuinely love planning events, developing programming, fostering community and ensuring accountability of institutions and systems. The idea of supporting clubs and campus life is a dream job for me.  I intend to leave the university better than I found it.

I have been planning events since I was in high school. At the age of 15, two friends and myself developed a business plan, convinced town council (I hail from a small town in Central Alberta) to rent us the arena, solicited funding from local businesses, procured a $1 million insurance policy, coordinated a sound system, lights, and stage rental and brought in bands from throughout Alberta. The event was youth-focused and a huge success. Proceeds were donated towards a new fire department vehicle. I have continued to plan and develop events since then and regularly volunteer in the community. My energy is currently focused towards supporting the coordination of over a dozen events as part of the upcoming Indigenous Awareness Week on campus and taking on the role of event planning at my community garden.

Prior to coming to the UofC, I spent several years working in the human services sector.  This saw me in the role of a supervisor in an intox shelter and detox center, working in housing supports and with kids in care.  The experiences allowed me to gain knowledge regarding addictions, mental health, homelessness, the child welfare system and systemic failures. This practical experience likely puts me in a unique position among the candidates.

On campus, I have had a wide variety of involvement which has provided insight into the operations of the university and the needs of students.  I have sat on the Committee of 10,000, participated in the Emerging Leadership Program, the uCalgaryCares Night of Service, the Indigenous Engagement and Leadership program in the Yukon, will be attending the Culture and Community Development program in Costa Rica this Spring,  curated a student-driven photography exhibit as part of Exposure Fest and created a giant collage art instillation with posters from a previous SU election. I am also a non-Indigenous member of the Indigenous Students’ Council and am the current VP Events.

Other reasons you should vote for me: I would like to reduce waste from the SU elections, would love to see arcade and/or pinball games on campus, and increase the number of live music events. Let’s make campus life vibrant again.  

And if you need a few fun facts to keep me in your mind:

  • have travelled to North Korea
  • have been in a vehicle that hit a bison
  • after losing my balance in 2018, my hand was driven over by a limousine and I knocked myself out on the tire that was running over my hand.
  • am an avid photographer, focused largely in analog formats
  • am old enough to remember where I was when the Twin Towers fell
  • am introverted and greatly dislike public speaking

-Sara Peppinck

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