2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

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Marley Gillies: Why me for VPX?

This is an important year for student government. Tuition increases, budget cuts, performance-based funding models and mental health are all at the forefront of student minds. The Gauntlet has worked hard to expand our election coverage this year. That means we’re trying a few new things. So, we offered space in our opinions section for each executive candidate to give our readers their sales pitch.

The candidates were able to write about whatever they wanted in 500 words for vice-presidential candidates and 1,200 for presidential candidates. Why are they running? Who are they? Why should you vote for them? Their platforms are posted online. We strongly encourage you to read them and decide on the candidate that you believe best represents your needs as a student. 

Today, our candidates for vice-president student life are presenting their case to you. Pieces have been edited to conform to Canadian Press Style, but their words are presented as-is.

Hello UofC Students! My name is Marley and I am running for VP External! Firstly, a huge thank you to the Gauntlet for covering the elections closely and highlighting their importance. 

Especially now, the Vice President External position is incredibly important. Here’s why I am the most qualified candidate for the role. 

I. Experience. This qualification has three applications. Firstly, I have been an Arts Representative in the Students Union for two years. Whether policy, staff, SLC meetings, or working as a team, my transition to VP External would be seamless because of my experience as a faculty representative. Secondly, as a political science student, I am current with my understanding of the political climate. I’ve been involved in both municipal and federal campaigns, have experience with party politics, shadowed my MLA, and served on the Calgary Center Council. This experience applies perfectly to the advocacy work that the VP External is responsible for. Finally, my on campus experience. I am President of the Model United Nations team, and have been a member and executive of a handful of other clubs. This experience keeps me in-touch with the students at the university during my term. This is incredibly important so that I can conduct more consultation, information sessions, and receive more feedback from actual students, rather than just those who chose to be involved with the Students’ Union.

II. Ambition. My candidacy for the position has been in the making for three years. As a first year, I was volunteering with the VP External of the time since September 1st, with the Get Out the Vote campaign. My ambition to take the momentum of this year forward is strong, and it has been what has driven me to complete the work that I have as an Arts Representative. Right now is such an important time for students to have a strong, ambitious, and powerful voice to advocate student needs and priorities.

III. Leadership. I am the leader that is able to work as a team, help direct, and step up when needed. For the VP External role, this is necessary. On the surface, the VP External works closely with 4 other executive roles who are all responsible for their own separate portfolios. All though this is true, the behind the scenes of the job is much more interwoven. Our alliances with the Calgary Student Alliance, the Council of Alberta University Students, and of course, Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, help to keep us current with our city, province, and country. Participating in these alliances requires this quality of leadership that’s able to adapt, follow, and be the first one to take action. I am able to be that leader, and have been in my other areas of life. I am the candidate for Vice President External that would be able to do this, both within the Students Union and within our Alliances.

I hope to earn your vote, and to be elected as your next VP External. 

-Marley Gillies

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