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Green light for the construction of Calgary’s Green Line

By Luis Armando Sanchez Diaz, July 28 2021— 

The City of Calgary announced the funding of $1.59 billion for the construction of the new Green Line LRT along with the government of Alberta and the government of Canada summing a joint investment of $4.9 billion. 

The project is considered to be the “largest infrastructure project in Calgary’s history…[and] will play a key role in shaping our city’s future,” as stated on The City of Calgary’s webpage. The new line is set to create around 20,000 jobs and facilitate commuting for Calgarians across the 46 kilometers of the new route. 

It is estimated that the first stage of the construction, which will start this fall and run from 126 Avenue S.E. to 16 Avenue N., will be completed in 2027. The line will have a combination of four underground and eleven elevated above ground stations. The former stations will be located in the downtown area.

It is still unknown when the remaining stations will be constructed. When completed, the Green Line will extend from “Seton in the southeast to 160 Avenue N.” 

Map of Green Line route // courtesy City of Calgary

The federal government is estimating this new infrastructure project to have a significant impact on the environment as it will reduce up to 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year — equivalent to eliminating 6,100 cars on Calgary’s streets. 

“By investing in smart public transit projects, we’re reducing gridlock, helping more Calgarians get to and from work, creating good middle-class jobs, growing the economy and fighting climate change. As we set the course for an inclusive recovery from COVID‑19, we will keep focusing on laying the foundations for long-term, sustainable growth to create a Canada that is cleaner, more competitive and more resilient for generations to come.” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a statement provided to the Gauntlet, Jane Ebbern, the Calgary Alliance for Common Good spokesperson and president of Calgary Unitarians, celebrated the announcement, citing the economic benefits the Green Line will produce as Calgary struggles with the economic recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The Green Line is an essential project for our city and it needs to start now. The Green Line means employment for the carpenter seeking a job in construction, engineers in the planning and building of the line and good jobs for those who connect our city together as City of Calgary employees,” the statement read. “We desperately need this huge infrastructure project during this major economic downturn. These jobs are critical to Calgary’s recovery and to Calgary families.”

You can access the Green Line webpage to see updates as well as to check the construction progress by clicking here

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