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SLC discusses changes to the SU website

By Enobong Ukpong, March 21 2022—

This week’s Student Legislative Council (SLC) meeting took place on Mar 15. The main topic of discussion was the Students’ Union (SU) website.

SLC discussed plans to update the SU website, which hasn’t undergone any significant changes since it was created in 2014.

“It being eight years old, that means in Internet years, it’s about a thousand years old,” said Jason Morgan, Assistant General Manager of the SU. “And we have unfortunately been encountering issues on the back end of our website as we move into the future.”

Funding for the redevelopment of a new SU website was recently approved by the Quality Money committee.

Morgan stated that it was important that the SU website is redesigned because it is the main hub for students to interact with the SU.

“They can reach us, they can communicate with us directly through the website. We use the website for signups, logins and all sorts of things for activities and programs. And quite frankly, the website sees more than half a million individual visits every single year,” said Morgan.

“Obviously, we’ll be updating the design of the website,” said Willo Rushfeldt, Marketing Manager of the SU. “But more importantly, we want to take a look at how information is organized on the website and see if we can make navigating easier for students.”

SLC members were asked to provide comments on the current website and suggestions for the design of the new website.

Agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings for SLC can be found online.

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