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SLC believe hybrid attendance options are necessary moving forward

By Enobong Ukpong, October 6 2022

Last week’s Student Legislative Council (SLC) meeting took place on Oct. 4. The main topic of discussion was the upcoming General Faculties Council (GFC) Caucus meeting that took place earlier today.

The GFC is responsible for the academic affairs of the University of Calgary, such as academic and research plans, curriculum and academic standards and policies. The GFC is subject to the authority of the Board of Governors. 

This upcoming meeting is notable for being the first in-person GFC meeting since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Winter 2020.

A major issue that was presented was that there were no virtual options for members to vote on agenda items if they cannot attend in-person. 

“If members were sick and they needed to stay home, how are they able to vote?” said VP Academic Shaziah Jinnah Morsette. “Or are they risking coming in with symptoms just to vote? So that’s going to be something at the forefront of my attention as agendas are being set throughout the year.”

Sandra Amin, Faculty of Science representative, emphasized that the room where the GFC meetings are held have the capacity for a hybrid option to be implemented. 

“I had a faculty council [meeting] today in that same room, so I know it is not for lack of  equipment to do so,” said Amin.

There will be some elections appointing various members of GFC staff to various committees such as the GFC Executive Committee; the Presidential Task Force on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA); and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

There will also be a presentation about the Presidential Task Force on EDIA, presented by Vice-Provost of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Melinda Smith. The presentation will explain what the Task Force is and what its strategic goals will be.

Agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings for SLC can be found online.

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