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Calgary Hidden Gems: Forest Lawn Library

By Lilli J. Matern, May 3 2024—

Located in the South-East of Calgary, the Forest Lawn Library doesn’t at first seem all that interesting. It’s not particularly large as far as libraries go, especially in comparison to the Central Library downtown, but great things often come in small packages, and so it is with this library.

First thing to know is that it is wheelchair accessible. Far too often buildings are not accessible in the slightest, so this makes a nice change. There’s also a decent-sized parking lot, and parking is free. If you don’t drive, however, and can’t take advantage of the free parking, that’s fine. The library is an easy walk from the main bus routes on 17th avenue, and the 155, 23, 49 and 58 bus routes all have stops a few blocks away from it.

Now that we’ve covered getting there, let’s talk about the fun stuff. If you have kids and live in the SE, this is the place to go. They have a massive children’s space and a playground, so there’s plenty to keep your children occupied and happy while you unwind in their space or browse their sections.

If you don’t have children, though, and need somewhere to study, the library has you covered. There are meeting rooms to book for those pesky group projects. Library cards are free for Calgary residents, and that will get you free wi-fi and free printing, on top of access to books at all the Calgary Library branches, not just at Forest Lawn Library. 

The Forest Lawn Library, despite being small, has an incredible variety of books available. They have shelves devoted to languages, cookbooks, science fiction and more. 

Libraries are more than just places to check out books and study, though. They’re the bedrock of their communities, and the Forest Lawn is no different. If you’re a newcomer to Canada, the library should be your first stop, as they have the ability to put you in touch with various newcomer services. Forest Lawn Library also provides career coaching programs free of charge, among various clubs and activities.

Forest Lawn’s librarians are incredibly friendly and helpful as they are always available to help with whatever inquiries a patron may have, whether that is how the printer works, or what sort of programs are available through the library. In conclusion, the Forest Lawn Library is a nice place to go, the existence of which not enough people are aware of. Libraries are more than just places that offer free books, they are also vital parts of their communities, which are often overlooked.

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