2022 SU General Election Full Supplement



Episode 7: How to be a tryhard at Pokemon Go

This week, the gang does the obvious. Are you happy now? Also, Sean asks important questions about Pokemon biology, Melanie shares her experiences going undercover and Jason proposes creating “Pokemon Trump.”

Presented by the Gauntlet, the University of Calgary’s student … Read the rest

The Gauntlet Radio: July 2016 edition

This month on Gauntlet radio: We chat about the Sunshine List and the new Carl’s Jr. on campus, while Scott Strasser interviews the University of Calgary’s new mental health strategy director and Emilie Medland-Marchen talks to the Dinos Women’s Hockey … Read the rest

The Gauntlet Radio, February 2016 edition

This month on Gauntlet Radio: Fabian Mayer talks to members of campus conservative groups about Alberta’s “Unite the Right” movement, Jarrett Edmund talks to the director of Calgary’s Folk Music Festival about their new winter festival, and Fabian, Sonny Sachdeva, … Read the rest

The Gauntlet Radio, November 2015 edition

In this episode, Fabian talks to Students’ Union president Levi Nilson about Enbridge and MacEwan Hall, Jason hosts a round table discussion with some Calgary game developers, and Sonny, Eric, and Jason argue about sports. Truly, something for everyone.… Read the rest

The Gauntlet Radio, October 2015 Edition

The Gauntlet talks to all four candidates running for Member of Parliament in Calgary Confederation. Natalie Odd, Kirk Heuser, Matt Grant and Len Webber answer our questions about student loans, party orthodoxy, and that dank, dank herb.… Read the rest

The Gauntlet Radio Show, August 2015

This month, Chris Adams discusses his feature on the way climate change is taught in university, Jason Herring reviews some of the last month’s best albums, and Sonny Sachdeva and Eric Licis discuss the Canadian junior men’s hockey team.… Read the rest

The Gauntlet Radio Show, June 2015

This episode features interviews with all of the section editors at The Gauntlet. If you’ve ever wanted to know the ins and outs of The Gauntlet, or are interested in getting involved – this one is for you!… Read the rest

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