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Sustainable U
By Rachneet Randhawa

They say global warming and climate change are not only the biggest calamities of this century but also the biggest challenge facing our generation. But how do we battle all of this malevolence so we can defeat the war and emerge triumphant? Small yet powerful steps — the first of which is education and raising awareness of climate action now! As youth we are often not taught to find our “voice” before we “speak” — school also doesn’t teach us that. For instance, as a junior anthropologist I’ve always been a wanderer and my exploration of sustainable development began with a couple of trips to India. Growing up, I was shocked to see a country ridden with both a) poverty and b) pollution and also culture shock towards my heritage and roots. I always reflected on what more I could do for my community. I realized that there was so much more I need to see, learn and experience from other countries, states and cities across the globe. Being a volunteer for the Gauntlet allows you share your perspectives both on the campus community but also on issues that matter to you including the random ideas that come to you on your commute or between study breaks. It is the training ground for you to voice your opinion and serves as a lounge of dialogue and an outlet for those who hope to build leadership skills.

The following columns are currently housed under our Voices section.

Spill the Chai
By Aymen Sherwani

Spill the Chai is a weekly column that seeks to showcase the talents and achievements of the South Asian and Middle Eastern communities at the University of Calgary campus, but also “spills the chai” on the issues they face on a daily basis, by speaking power into the narratives of the many students of colour on campus.

The Contemporary Dilemma
By Manahil Hassan

There are thousands of strong and fearless men, women and children all over the world. These are the people that wake up, despite the atrocities they are facing, and push forward without looking back. These are the people that sacrifice everything so their families will have a better future. This is what the contemporary dilemma highlights. It is about being the “voice for the voiceless” as I like to call it. I can think of countless human rights abuses occurring all over the world that only a handful of people are aware of. This column is about putting the spotlight back on minority groups that have been silenced. It is about shedding a light on issues occurring today to educate others. It is about using our position of privilege to alleviate the monstrosities occurring around the world in the best way — through our writing.

The Muslim Voice

This column aims to give voice to Canadian Muslims in order to highlight their achievements, perspective, experiences and struggles as well as explore Islamic history related to contemporary events

Year One

Year One is a column about the first-year experience at the University of Calgary. 

Around the World

Around the World is a column about the international student experience and a platform for the voices of those students to be heard. It aims to raise topics often avoided and issues often unspoken about as they pertain to international students at the University of Calgary. 

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