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New Music: Low

By Troy Hasselman, October 12 2018 —

Low has always dealt with the adverse. From the band’s often melancholic subject matter to their slow-moving arrangements, negativity is central to Low’s music. Based around the decades-long partnership between founding members Alan … Read the rest

New Music: Kanye West

By Thomas Johnson, June 1 2018 — 

One the one hand, Kanye West’s intemperate mood swings make it near-impossible to objectively critique his lyrical content. On the other hand, by this point — two decades into his undeniable reign as … Read the rest


New Music: Sleep

By Thomas Johnson, April 26 2018 —

On the one hand, in a branch of rock as prone to cliché as stoner metal, it might have been laying it on a little thick releasing your first studio album in 15 … Read the rest


New Music: Grouper

By Jason Herring, April 26 2018 —

For over a decade, Liz Harris has been creating a lot with a little. As Grouper, Harris generates music that’s breathtakingly sparse, with echoed guitar strums and an analog hiss providing a minimal … Read the rest

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