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New Music: Low

By Troy Hasselman, October 12 2018 —

Low has always dealt with the adverse. From the band’s often melancholic subject matter to their slow-moving arrangements, negativity is central to Low’s music. Based around the decades-long partnership between founding members Alan … Read the rest

New Music: Kanye West

By Thomas Johnson, June 1 2018 — 

One the one hand, Kanye West’s intemperate mood swings make it near-impossible to objectively critique his lyrical content. On the other hand, by this point — two decades into his undeniable reign as … Read the rest


New Music: Sleep

By Thomas Johnson, April 26 2018 —

On the one hand, in a branch of rock as prone to cliché as stoner metal, it might have been laying it on a little thick releasing your first studio album in 15 … Read the rest


New Music: Grouper

By Jason Herring, April 26 2018 —

For over a decade, Liz Harris has been creating a lot with a little. As Grouper, Harris generates music that’s breathtakingly sparse, with echoed guitar strums and an analog hiss providing a minimal … Read the rest


New Music: Inferi

By Matty Hume, April 26 2018 —

Goodbye winter, hello technical death metal.

Awakening from the grimdark depths of Nashville, Tennessee, the viciously talented quintet known as Inferi has delivered what may be the most impressive display of unabated talent … Read the rest


New Music: Speak Low If You Speak Love

By Yasmine Amin, March 23 2018 — 

Speak Low If You Speak Love is a hidden gem. The band was formed by Ryan Scott Graham, the bassist and backup vocalist for the pop-punk band State Champs. Straying far from State … Read the rest


New Music: February Album Wrap-Up

By Thomas Johnson, March 9 2018 —

Roc Marciano – RR2 – The Bitter Dose 

Since releasing Marcberg in 2010, Roc Marciano has stealthily carved himself a nook among rap’s elite. He’s a pristine revivalist, one that doesn’t fall into … Read the rest


New Music: Kodak Black

By Thomas Johnson, March 7 2018 —

There’s a reason #FreeKodak never really took off. Kodak Black isn’t even 20 and bolsters a jaw-dropping list of criminal offences. He’s not a role model — he’s an on-again-off-again member of society. … Read the rest


New Music: U.S. Girls

By Jason Herring, March 6 2018 —

Anger permeates the surface of much of Meg Remy’s music, but never more explicitly than on her latest album, In A Poem Unlimited. Remy, an American-turned-Canuck who makes music under the tongue-in-cheek moniker … Read the rest


New Music: Nap Eyes

By Matty Hume, March 5 2018 —

The magic of I’m Bad Now, the third album from Halifax’s soft post-punks Nap Eyes, is that it plucks the glory days of escapist protest-folk straight out of the ‘70s and right into … Read the rest

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