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Phrases like ‘social justice warrior’ harm discussion and expression of ideas

By Andrew Kemle, Nov. 29 2017 — Lately, online discussions surrounding social justice issues have featured pejorative or derogatory phrases like “social justice warrior,” “regressive leftist” or even the alt-right’s favorite word, “cuck.” Even right-wing news outlets like Breitbart and The Rebel frequently devolve into using these words in their headlines. These labels are meaningless….

Mystery behind cleaned rock solved as student comes forward

By Sean Willett, July 28 2017 — The mystery of who cleaned the paint off of one of the University of Calgary’s iconic rocks has been solved. Hamish Tregarthen, a second-year student studying anthropology and women’s studies, worked with a group of other students to remove paint from the rock outside of MacKimmie Library Tower…

Alt-right club recruits minority executive to prove they’re not racist

By Robin McDonald, March 21 2017 — After a wave of allegations of racism and sexism, the Friendly Alt-Right Campus Extremists (FARCE) club is taking steps to repair their image. They have recruited a token ambiguous minority to serve as a club spokesperson and showcase the club’s devotion to diversity, proving that they are, in…

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